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Whole Foods Visits KK Peru!

Whole foods clothing

Whole Foods Visits KK Peru!

We had the pleasure of hosting our friends from Whole Foods at the KK Peru HQ. The Whole Foods crew had the opportunity to meet the ladies who make the product, exchange meaningful life stories, and ultimately get a big taste of what animates the entire KK intl. directive. We are proud of our ability to invite others into our mission and show them how something as simple as a beanie or tee can make a world of difference for someone across the globe! Your favorite Krochet Kids intl. products are stocked in over 400 Whole Foods stores across the country.
Whole foods clothing Whole foods clothing Whole foods clothing As the Whole Foods buyers and the ladies sat down and began to get to know each other, strangers quickly turned into friends. After chatting for a bit, the ladies toured their new friends around the facility–showing them where they knit each day and inviting them to have a try at their knitting machines. Later, the Whole Foods team learned how Krochet Kids intl. measures the actual impact created by the program, while the ladies handmade each Whole Foods representative their very own product. As usual, each scarf and beanie was hand-signed by the woman who made it–by the Whole Foods crew’s new friends. Katherine knows Jessica now. She knows the real and wonderful human who made her beanie. Jessica is proud of the work she has done. She is thankful she can pursue her dreams because Katherine and so many others will share her story of what it is like to truly #knowwhomadeit. Whole Foods clothing Whole foods clothing Whole foods clothing


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