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New Colors for New Adventures

cute backpack

3 New Colors of 'the Ridgeview'

Whether you're heading back to classes or looking for a new travel companion, ‘the Ridgeview’ is an essential for every weekend adventure or daily commute. We are debuting three new colorful patterns for any and every path you take, each individually knit and constructed at our empowerment project in Peru. 'the Ridgeview' is for the risk-taker who is ready to dive in head first, or the optimist who sees the silver lining and wants to make the good great and the great even greater. Designed for durability and daily wear, you can push the boundaries of every day in 'the Ridgeview' and no bag is complete without the signature of the lady who made it. You have the honor of carrying her name with you while you make new memories, experience new moments, and become a better you (or future you). The love and passion that went into the making of your bag is the same love and passion that you will find in your day to day life while writing your own unique story. As unique as the new ’the Ridgeview’ color collection. So go out, write your unique story, and pair it with an equally unique bag and signature perfect for your adventure! cute backpack cute backpack cute backpack


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