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The Long March to Social Impact

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Results Driven Social Impact

In a world of instant gratification and feel good messaging surrounding the "good" products we purchase, we tend to forget about the most important part... the people being impacted. Percentages of profits being donated or products being given to communities in need don't tell a complete story. Or as our Chief Impact Officer consistently reminds us, social impact isn't the accumulation of the actions that we take, but it is what results derive from those actions. I recently had the opportunity to visit our empowerment project in Northern Uganda, and I was completely blown away by the RESULTS of our work. I was there to attend our annual graduation ceremony. Twenty nine women were stepping our of our program and into careers or businesses that they started. They used their time at Krochet Kids Uganda to save their money, be educated, and to invest in the future of their family. I had the amazing privilege of visiting some of the recent graduates and witnessing the businesses that they are running. Large scale farming operations, raising poultry for sale, real estate ventures, and retail stores are all a part of the portfolio of businesses generated from our graduates. The best part... these women are not only bettering the amount of money they make each month, they are also pursuing their passions. When we discuss social impact, our focus is on the depth of the impact generated for individuals. For we believe it is through this concept that communities begin to change from the inside out. Women are becoming leaders in their communities, providing additional employment opportunities, and setting an incredible example for their children to follow. I have lived and breathed our work for the last nine years, and I left this trip even more encouraged by our work than I ever have been before. I hope that in some small way you are left further encouraged to support what we are doing and you continue to take pride in the impact of your purchases. -Kohl Crecelius CEO, Co-founder
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womens empowerment womens empowerment womens empowerment womens empowerment


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