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How We Know Our Program Works

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Measuring Indicators of Empowerment

It’s one thing to have good intentions. It’s another create impact. At KK intl. we spend a lot of resources and energy ensuring that we go beyond intentions and actually create results. We operate on an impact bottom-line in the same way a business operates on a profitability bottom-line. It’s not an understatement to say we are obsessed with impact. We know we have results because we measure how a woman’s life changes throughout the program. We call this 'social impact measurement' and the building block of the social impact measurement is something called an indicator. Put simply, an indicator is a life-circumstance that we measure to provide evidence as to whether or not lives are changing. We measure our indicators before the program, every month while they are in the program and in the year after they graduate from the program. From this we have great visibility in what changes in a woman’s life at KK intl. and when. We measure 45 indicators for every woman participating in the project, every month. We’ve selected these 45 indicators because together they give us insight into the whole person. We are gathering data on the economic, intellectual, physical, social and psychological wellbeing of the participant. Below are a few examples of the indicators we use: -Income earned -Value of savings -Investment in children’s education -Instances of illness -Participation in important household decisions -Self-esteem score When we crunch the numbers on these six indicators and the other 39 we measure, we get a very clear picture of whether our program is actually doing anything. The good news is that it is. One year after graduating from the program a woman earns 10x their pre-program income. Her net worth multiplies by 68x. On top of that she’s more confident, less sick and more likely to have a say in the circumstances that affect her life. We have great confidence in our programs because we have a proven track-record of results. To learn more about our impact visit our Impact Page. Also, we released an e-book earlier in the year that our Chief Impact Officer wrote as a guide for organizations who are serious about moving from intentions to impact. You can download that here. social enterprise social enterprise


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