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Happy National Dance Day!

national dance day

National Dance Day with the KKUganda Dance Team

As you know, we have the privilege of working in Gulu, Uganda, a community overflowing with rich culture, alongside individuals that continuously inspire us. For centuries, dance in Uganda has served as a vehicle for emotion, mourning, education, storytelling, celebrating, and pure enjoyment. In all cases, Ugandan dance enriches and strengthens community and relationships while carrying traditions passed through generations. We're excited to celebrate National Dance Day by sharing the story and talents of the KK Uganda Dance Team! We started a dance team so we could take part in local city celebrations like Labor Day, Women’s Day and our own graduation parties. The team often performs for politicians, VIP guests and the local population - sometimes thousands of people! This participation in the community allows the members of the team to celebrate their own traditions and culture while reinforcing our values of teamwork, partnership, and having fun. In addition to enjoying watching them practice and perform, this is an opportunity for us to encourage, support, and cheer for our friends in the KK Uganda program while building community. The dance team reinforces KKU values as it encourages togetherness amongst the ladies, provides a healthy release for a day’s hard work, provokes joy, develops talent, and provides a source of pride - after all, dancing in front of thousands of people is no easy feat. You can check out a video of the ladies doing the Harlem Shake back in 2013 right here! national dance day national dance day national dance day


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