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New! For Little Ones

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New Arrivals For Your Little One

Life is filled with new adventures. We've expanded our collection of newborn clothing to include our very first baby blanket, onesie and cap set, and even new baby shoes! These new products were first expertly tested and approved by the new parents on our staff. From adding convenient snaps to our onesie to reinforcing the lining on our baby blanket, each product was created to not just look good, but fit into the busy lives of parents. We're so excited to introduce this new line of products that may be small in size, but create a huge impact. Who knew world-changers could start making a difference so early? These new products are made with quality and holistic care at our empowerment projects in Peru and Uganda, and every product we make is hand-signed by the woman who made it. You’ll be able to capture special moments with every new product in this newborn clothing collection. Stealing hearts with every giggle in ‘the Onesie and Cap Set’, napping peacefully with the ‘Baby Blanket', or eagerly kicking their feet in the ‘Baby Shoes’. In every moment, they will be representing positive social change. Whether you’re a new parent or these products will help make your new adventure one that stands for empowerment. newborn clothing newborn clothing newborn clothing newborn clothing newborn clothing


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