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Envisioning a Brighter Future for Apparel & the People Who Make It...

How do we not only change the minds of individual shoppers, but also improve the entirety of the global apparel industry? What would it take for us to significantly scale the number of people we employ globally? How do we make apparel more HUMAN and bring the makers back to the forefront of the buying conversation? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
These are some of the questions we’ve asked ourselves over the past decade of our work, but they’ve received even more attention as we approached 2017. Ten years into our brand and we felt that there was more we could do to celebrate human stories and increase the overall awareness of the people behind the garments we wear.

So, we decided to start a whole new company -- KNOWN SUPPLY.

More than another apparel brand, KNOWN SUPPLY is a movement. It is a platform to provide a better, more ethical apparel option in the market, and to make that available to others who share our desire to see makers’ lives celebrated and improved. Krochet Kids intl. will continue being the brand you know and love. It will operate as a brand under KNOWN SUPPLY, and working together, we hope to see more makers fairly employed and more shoppers conscious of those who make their clothing.

While much is staying the same, there are some changes you can expect to see...

  • Moving forward, we will be hosting all of the makers’ profiles in one place at
  • In case you missed it, we made an announcement last week about the roll out of the new name and look for our non-profit and social impact efforts. Read more about CAPABLE here.
  • Given that KNOWN SUPPLY is the all-encompassing vision for the future of our work, we will be changing the Krochet Kids intl. Instagram handle to @knownsupply. Starting today, go follow the new Krochet Kids intl. account on instagram: @krochetkids. Same name, new home.


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