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A New Chapter for Our Social Impact

We are excited to share with you all about some exciting changes that will be taking place in 2017! If you have been following along with us over the summer you have seen that this is a milestone year for Krochet Kids intl. It marks the 10-year anniversary of our global work to empower people to rise above poverty! Since day one, we have been very clear as to how we believe our mission of empowerment would be accomplished, and it came in two parts:
  1. Create life-changing jobs through the making of apparel and accessories.
  2. Provide social impact programming that helps communities get out of poverty.
Over the last ten years, we’ve developed a model for empowerment that works. We’ve seen the long-lasting impact of our programs on women, their families, and communities. As we approached the 10-year anniversary of our work, we continued to ask ourselves how we could create more impact globally. Today, we’re excited to announce a new chapter of Krochet Kids intl. It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of CAPABLE, the new name and look of our non-profit organization and its social impact efforts. CAPABLE is the same global team of mentors, social workers, and directors who have created a legacy of impact over the last ten years. CAPABLE will continue to provide life-changing education, mentorship, and financial services to women employed by Krochet Kids intl. Already this year, CAPABLE has begun implementing programs in rural communities throughout Northern Uganda. In the years to come they’ll continue to expand their poverty alleviation programs to reach thousands more. You can learn about their plans to fight poverty on a larger scale at Us here at Krochet Kids intl. will maintain our commitment to leverage the act of making clothes and accessories as a way to provide meaningful employment for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. And of course, every item will continue to be signed by the woman who made it. The partnership between both entities will be able to help more people transition out of poverty, and stay out of poverty.
  1. CAPABLE operating as a non-profit to expand our social impact programs globally.
  2. Krochet Kids intl. continuing to create jobs for those who need it most as a benefit corporation.
We see an incredible opportunity to connect even more communities, organizations, and people to our unique empowerment model through CAPABLE. We think you will too.
Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page HERE.


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