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Twitpic Tuesday

Twitpic Tuesday is here again! We have pictures from all over the world this week! Clockwise from upper left: - "Today we're ending a VSLA cycle. In the last 9 mnths the ladies of @krochetkids saved over $20k #amazing#kkuganda" (via @seangalaway) - "@krochetkids interns hard at work inviting everyone to our upcoming Gala in Newport, Seattle, & Spokane #bethere" (via @lizjoyork) - "The @krochetkids ladies fashion choices don't always match up with ours." (via @davidgarvin) - "At customs picking up yarn and model hats sent down from @krochetkids HQ.#kkperu #firsts" (via @blakegoodfellow)


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