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Intern in Uganda

Krochet Kids intl. exists in a duality that is sometimes hard to imagine. Living where we do it is too easy to live a life concerned by the immediacy of the needs we have in front of us, and we rarely have opportunities that truly challenge us and our world view. Not to say it's impossible, but it is difficult. We have an opportunity available for 3 individuals to intern in Uganda - to work alongside our amazing staff and support our dear friends that make the products we all know and love. We'd encourage you to consider the chance to live in Uganda for 6 months and dive deeper into the understanding of the way the majority of our world lives, so that we can continue to innovate and think of creative ways to create change. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE AVAILABLE POSITIONS & APPLY Positions available: (2) Production Assistant Interns & (1) Media Assistant Internship


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