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There's Power in Thank You

IMG_6470 copy As simple as it sounds, it's true: your thank you's and kind notes are powerful. We love that each of you has chosen to find the signature on your item, gotten to know the lady that made your product, and thanked her. It's humbling for us and touching for them to read your sweet words and kind sentiments. These thank you's are connections made across the globe to people you can impact with your purchase and inspire with your words. We'd like to share some of the recent notes we've received and want you to know that you're making a huge difference!
Hi Carmen Huamantinco, Thank you very much for the tank top with the black and white pocket. I absolutely love the clothing you have made and I congratulate you for chasing your dreams. I am a 19-year-old Canadian girl from Ontario and would love to someday visit Peru. I wish you the best for you and your family in the future and thank you again for sharing your talent and for creating such a beautiful moment for me. Best of luck in the future for you and your family. - Anna Dear Julia Gonzalez, Thank you so much for the beautiful beanie! I was given it as a gift from my boyfriend because I recently moved to a very cold state, Michigan, from the beaches of California. The knitting is beautiful and I cannot wait until the weather starts to get cold for me to wear it. I am so proud to wear a hat that you made and I will wear it knowing that it was made from a strong beautiful woman with a heart for learning and caring for others. I pray that you are continually able to learn and grow, and most importantly, enjoy the time with your friends and family around you! I appreciate all that you are doing! - Michal Aloyo Lilly Grace, Your beautiful gift of hand-making clothing items has impacted my life in a wonderful way. I was blessed to have encountered KKi at the college I attend, and now I own one of the items you crocheted! The headband you made is so stylish and cute. Thank you so much for the work you do; it makes an impact, and I love the products! Sincerely, Hannah Anyom Doreen, Thank you so much for making the beautiful "the Madeline" hat that I ordered! It's gorgeous and warm and so nicely made and I cannot wait for winter so that I can wear it all the time. Thank you for such a lovely product. I loved reading about your life. Good luck with everything! - Emily Dear Lamunu Faith, Thank you for the lovely hat. I bought it for my baby daughter to keep her warm this winter. I wish you and your child all the best. - Ron V. Norma Cisneros Yaranga, You made a blue pike bag that I just received today... Thank you!! Every time I see it, I see your name on the label and I think of you! I have been blessed by you and the beautiful work that you do. You are very talented! Thank you! I think you would be a wonderful fashion designer! Blessings, Katherine


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