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Fall 2014: Scarves and Headbands


Get your head (and neck) in the game!

There’s no substitute for sitting on the couch wrapped in a soft, warm blanket on a brisk fall day, but the truth is that for some of us this fall feels less brisk and more like a long summer. With temperatures this unpredictable, it's important to have options! Our all-new scarves and headbands for fall will keep you as close to prepared from the uncertain season as possible. If you're experiencing a classic autumn, then they'll keep you cozy and comfortable wherever you go. But if you're experiencing crazy warm temperatures (like we are in Southern California), then they'll push your summer outfit seamlessly into the evening cooldown! ‘the Brynn’ is one of our newest fall scarves. This scarf is perfect for guys and gals who just want to loop something around their neck while running out the door—no tying necessary! Looking for a scarf with a little more pizazz? The stripes on ‘the Miranda’ are sure to catch someone's eye. Or maybe you want something more delicate? The detailed knit pattern on ‘the Elodie’ keeps it lightweight and gives it an added flair. Pair one of your favorite fall scarves with a headband for extra coziness! ‘the Stevie’, our newest earwarmer, is ear-ily comfortable! Plus, its knotted top is reminiscent of the oh-so-popular turban headbands that popped up throughout summer. Old favorite headbands like ‘the Alice’ and ‘the Juliet’ are also back in new colors! In a scarf or headband, you won’t only be warm, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy knowing that your purchase helps empower women and their families in Uganda and Peru.

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