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Why We Are a Non-Profit

Why We Are Non-Profit Krochet Kids intl. This week, we launched a new page on our website that we are very proud of. Since the earliest stages of Krochet Kids intl. we have sought to make our intentions and our mission extremely clear... we exist to empower people to rise above poverty. Everything we do is a function of accomplishing this goal. That being said, the very first step we took was to set ourselves up as a non-profit organization. It was (and continues to be) a statement of purpose for why we exist. What we love about being a registered 501(c)3 organization is this... While we are proud of being a non-profit, we are even more excited about how we are doing it differently. With the help of our customers and retail partners we fund the majority of our work through the sale of our products. Over 85% of our revenue comes from the sale of our products. This means two really exciting things..
    1) It ensures the long-term sustainability of our work. 2) It allows for 100% of public donations to go directly to our key program initiatives on the ground.
I must also take the opportunity to say, I think all types of businesses and organizations can have great social impact. By comparison, I believe they will inherently face more challenges keeping their mission at the forefront of their work, but I am hopeful and excited to see the growing landscape of "social good" efforts through business. The non-profit model has made the most sense for our work for all the reasons listed above. Ultimately, if you weren't aware of our non-profit status, I hope this post encourages you and gives you further confidence in supporting our work. We have even added a cool option during the order checkout process on our online! You now have the opportunity to round up your order amount and amplify your impact through a small (or LARGE ;) ) donation. -Kohl Crecelius, CEO


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