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Training Update: Child Wellness in Peru

ChildWellness1 Child Wellness Family matters. Yes, it was the show that made Steve Urkel a household name, but in regards to empowerment, family really does matter. We strategically choose to empower women because we believe that they have the capacity to empower their entire families. Family members tend to be the people most immediately affected by the resources and knowledge that the women bring home. This is a positive trend, but one that only works if family members have healthy relationships with each other. It’s for this reason that we spend a lot of our time training and mentoring families in how to build thriving relationships. Last month, we made a major push toward equipping the women with tools for family stewardship, specifically in regard to their children. We call last month’s training series Child Wellness, which is a subgroup of our Family Wellness series. The purpose of the training is to train the women in a few of the best parenting practices. The reality is that many of the women we work with have been victims of abusive and neglectful parenting. Many grew up in situations where their parents were absent, alcoholic or abusive, and as a result, they carry those scars into their parenting. This manifests itself in different ways. Some women end up loosing control of their children because they're too passive, avoiding all discipline because they perceive it to be connected with abuse. Others find themselves being verbally abusive because it’s the only model of parenting they know. The purpose of this training series is to help those who haven’t had a great parenting models in their lives choose more positive practices. We are not trying to micro-manage how the women parent their children. In truth, much of how they parent is none of our business unless they ask us for help. However, the degree to which family members are supporting each other does impact their ability to thrive, and therefore impact their capacity to empower themselves. And that matters to us. Our end goal is thriving families that send out empowered children to change the future of Lima and break the cycles of poverty.




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