KKi @ Disneyland

Our summer interns have been working hard this term and to celebrate we took them for a day at Disneyland! It was an awesome way to get the...

the Godfather visits Uganda

Remember this guy?! The Godfather of Krochet Kids intl. (a.k.a. Kohl's older brother that taught him to crochet originally) has finally made a visit to the Krochet Kids...

Dallas Clayton - A Mission

Our buddy Dallas Clayton's energy is contagious and spreading like butter on the worlds biggest piece of toast.

David Loy is Bangin'

Family team member and homie David Loy had his very own Bangin' over at The Berrics this past week. He actually broke his ankle filming for it and...

the Godfather in Ecuador

We recently got word (and a picture) from a reliable source that the Godfather was spotted traveling in South America. Here is a picture of him in Quito,...

The Godfather is Still Traveling!

Remember the Godfather? Well, he's back.

The Helm Spotted On KKi Family Member David Loy In The New Atiba Jefferson / Ty Evans / Panda Bear Skate Video!

Krochet Kids Family Member David Loy spotted wearing The Helm in a new skate short by Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans. The song is by Panda Bear and...

UPDATE: How far will the Godfather go?

We're still curious: How Far Will The Godfather Go?

KKi Family Member: Jon "Deezle" Depoian skating in super slow motion!

Krochet Kids family member Jon "Deezle" Depoian skating flat ground in super slow motion!

Congrats David Loy, Ethan Loy, Shawn Hale, and Riley Hawk!

Krochet Kids team riders David Loy, Shawn Hale, Riley Hawk, and Ethan Loy all did super this weekend at Damn Am 2010! Plus Dave has a full Interview...