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Dallas Clayton - A Mission

Our buddy Dallas Clayton's energy is contagious and spreading like butter on the worlds biggest piece of toast (I was gonna say the obvious "wildfires", but I'm from California and wildfires are serious stuff in these parts). Dallas has been doing some super radical things since the day he was born and I'm *definitely pretty positively darn certain you may or may not possibly be hearing from Dallas in months to come... None the less, we all here at KKi love his books, art, attitude, and AWESOME WORLD FOUNDATION and want to support him in anyway we can. Keep it up Dallas! *Curious? Love, Brrrrad A MISSION by: Dallas Clayton "I wrapped a long red string around a pole in your front yard It’s the pole for your cable television I think. Or maybe your phone. The one on the left when you first walk out the door. The string is a reminder that something important must be done. What that something is, I cannot tell you. Nor can I say how. All I know for sure is that it must happen, which is why I put the string there last night so you won’t forget. Consider the string each morning when you leave and evening when you return. You will soon know what to do. Once you have done it you can take the string down with scissors or a knife then tie it back up around a new pole in a new yard in the middle of the night. With it you can leave this note just as it was left for me. After that things should begin to sort themselves at a nice steady clip from here straight on till the end."


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