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Late Additions to the Spring 2014 Collection


Wait...late additions? There's more?!

We are thrilled to announce some late additions to our SPRING 2014 COLLECTION. Even after so much great new products being released from Uganda and Peru, our Spring 2014 launch isn't over quite yet. Items from our latest release include graphic tees and tanks for both men and women as well as all-new products from our Cut & Sew program in Lima, Peru. We have even restocked some of our most popular items such as 'the Pike' and 'the Edna.' Each of our late additions to the SPRING 2014 COLLECTION carries the signature of the woman who created it making each of our products one-of-a-kind. You can feel good while looking good knowing exactly where your item came from and knowing exactly who made it.
Read the story behind your product and thank the woman you are empowering. - - - SHOP WOMEN'S | SHOP MEN'S | SHOP CHILDREN'S - - - (or simply click on the specific products below) Pike-Highland_flat edna-coral grant-seafoam-stripe_flat M-Futureof-Tee-Navy_flat


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