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New Children's Products for Spring 2014


New children's if our Children's Collection wasn't cute enough!

Our smallest collection just got a lot cuter with the addition of some super adorable new children's products. We have included little hair accessories for the girls, miniature bow ties for the boys, and all new moccasins for the newborns and cruisers. Though small in size, our new children's products have just as a big of an impact on our beneficiaries lives as any of our other products. Each item out of the Children’s Collection is hand signed by the lady who made it. Together, you and your little one can share that special moment of searching for the lady who created your item online and write her a special thank you. It’s never too early to share the importance of helping one another, loving one another, and appreciating one another to our children. Through our new children’s products your little guy or girl gets to join in on our mission to empower people above poverty…all while looking as adorable as ever.
“Don’t just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts most.” --- SHOP CHILDREN'S COLLECTION ---
Moccaasin-denim_flat Newborn_pink_flat Panda_natural Koala-heather_flat


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