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Social Impact: The Proof

To wrap up my series on KKi's social impact I thought it appropriate to share some of our most recent social impact data. We go to great depths to make sure our work is actually resulting in empowerment and the good news is that it's working. Below are a few metrics that are updated with the most recent data from Peru and Uganda. To give a comprehensive explanation of our social impact I would need more space than I have in this blog post so I chose a few that highlight key areas of the women’s empowerment. Social Impact Proof There are two important themes that are inherent in our social impact story. Firstly, the impact is big. The empowerment that occurs in a woman’s life as a result of participating in a KKi project is significant. To be abused almost ½ as often, increase their income by 10x and their savings by 25x are massive life accomplishments that should be recognized as such. Secondly, our impact will continue to grow. Children who finish high school have a greater chance of thriving than those who don’t. Girls who grow up in families in which a woman’s opinion is as valuable as a man’s will be more likely to assert their personal rights. The empowerment that is happening at KKi today will continue to have positive impact on generations to come. We are excited about our social impact. Although I’d be the first to claim that we don’t have everything figured out, we are proud of the impact our projects are generating in Uganda and Peru. When I review our updated social impact data every month I’m affirmed that our model is working. However, most of the credit must go to the Peruvian and Ugandan women who are doing the hard work of changing their own lives. Each day they work tirelessly to make the journey from vulnerability to wellbeing. They are the heroes of Krochet Kids intl. and we are excited to continue to partner with them in the transformation of their communities.


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