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SPRING 2014: All New Cut & Sew Apparel

All New Cut & Sew Apparel

New Apparel Arrivals

With the release of our SPRING 2014 collection we have introduced some all-new Cut & Sew apparel styles into our offering. A pocket henley for men and a lace back long sleeve tee for women are among some of the newest arrivals. The beginning of 2014 marked the 1-year mark of our Cut & Sew Initiative at Krochet Kids Peru. Please take the tour HERE if you have not already (or if you just want to check it out again). Much dedication, time, and love has gone into this project to ensure that not only new quality products are being created, but that the program overall helps empower our beneficiaries to rise above poverty. Through the implementation of Cut & Sew at Krochet Kids Peru, we have been able to create more opportunities for the impoverished communities in and around Lima, Peru. We are able to provide better jobs, education, and even one-on-one mentorships to help guide the women of Peru towards their ultimate goals and passions.
- - - SHOP WOMEN'S APPAREL | SHOP MEN'S APPAREL - - - (or simply click on the specific products below) New Cut & Sew Apparel Krochet Kids intl. M-PocketHenleyTee-Natural-Denim_Fit-2 Women's Pocket Tee Boysenberry fit New Cut & Sew Apparel Krochet Kids intl.


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