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Empowering Women

Krochet Kids Uganda In honor of International Women’s Day we thought it timely to share our view on why we choose to work exclusively with women. We believe women are a linchpin of social change. When we study the past and look towards the future it is clear that the wellbeing of the humanity is dependent on the wellbeing of women. KKi was founded on the belief that when women are empowered, so too are families and communities. It’s for this reason that they are our primary method for changing the world. Our strategy is to put resources in the hands of women and watch them change the world. We work exclusively with women for two reasons: Women often are the most vulnerable people in any given region. The United Nations says it best: “No society treats its women as well at its men.” Women do 2/3 of the world’s work but only receive 10% of the world’s income in return. In addition, women are usually victims of disempowering cultural norms that normalize abuse, undervalue their opinions and restrict them to domestic work. By working exclusively with women we are fulfilling our mandate to serve the extremely vulnerable. Women transfer personal improvements to the household level. Empowered women bring valuable resources to the family. Studies show that they are more likely transfer these life-changing resources to their family in the form of nutritious food, healthcare and school fees. An empowered women also sets positive trends that have a lasting impact on the family. Children who grow up in households where women participate in family decisions, assert their rights and are less likely to be abused are trained at an early age to value a woman’s contribution to the family unit. On Saturday as women are honored across the globe, we celebrate the amazing women of Krochet Kids Int’l. They work tirelessly to change the fate of their families, and in doing so are changing the future of the developing world. Make sure to celebrate the amazing women in you life this weekend! A note on men: We intentionally include male household members in specific program activities because we believe that men play a crucial roll in the wellbeing of the family. Repeatedly we see that the overall health of the family suffers if we empower women to have power over men. To promote true gender equality we work closely with participants and their male household members to provide them with a healthy model of family stewardship.


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