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Spring 2014 Accessories: Special Occasion

the Grant necktie  Krochet Kids intl.

Special occasion accessories for the dressier side of spring

Spring is in full bloom: the flowers, green trees, and the many special occasions. It is time to dress your best this spring with accessories of class and empowerment. Gentlemen, don't fret. We are here to make sure you are prepared for any special occasion that springs up on you this season. If you have not met 'the Lincoln' yet, allow us introduce you. Crocheted in Uganda, this bow tie is designed to fit any neck size and is guaranteed to earn you numerous compliments. More of a tie guy? No problem. With 'the Grant' you will not only look your best but also feel your best knowing where your product came from and who made it. Our knitted neck ties come in various colors and patterns to fit your sharp taste. Ladies, we know what a priority your hair is for a special occasion. Why not dress your hair up with our many hair accessories like 'the Lola' to add a fun yet chic element to your ensemble? No matter what the special occasion, we have what you need to help you look nothing but sharp for the fancier times of spring.
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