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Story of Change: Owacgiu Sharon Graduates

Owachgui Sharon Krochet Kids Uganda Owacgiu Sharon is one of the most recent graduates from Krochet Kids Uganda. In February 2014 she concluded her time at Krochet Kids and started a retail business that will help her family to thrive for years to come. Sharon is Congolese by nationality but moved to Gulu, Uganda at a young age to stay with her uncle. Like a lot of young girls in Uganda, she was forced to drop out of school because her family thought women were most valuable when doing domestic housework, not studying. Sharon married at an early age with the hope that a husband would bring stability and wealth to her life, but both Sharon and her husband had difficulty securing a steady job. “I came into the program when I had no hope of getting any source of income of my own. In fact, I see a great change when I compare myself today to that time when I was not yet working. When I think about the change it makes me very happy.” Being an entrepreneur at heart, Sharon used her time at Krochet Kids Uganda to learn how to run a business. She told her mentor that the business budgeting and business selection trainings were the most inspiring trainings for her. By the time she was ready to graduate she had enough money saved up to open her retail store in one of the local markets. From time to time our staff drops by her store and reports back that it is filled with potatoes, onions, garlic, tealeaves and spices. One of the changes that Sharon is most proud of is her drive to accomplish her goals. “It’s my desire to work hard and sustain my business. I want to see a brighter future for my family.” Our mentors will continue to support her in accomplishing this goal.


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