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Festival Collection 2014

Festival Collection Krochet Kids intl.

When it comes to festivals, we mean business, but by business we mean fun

There is much planning that goes into attending a festival, especially with clothing and accessories. Each festival is so distinctly different from the next: the music, the vibe, the culture. Outfits must be tailored to fit in with the appropriate ambiance of the festival itself. That’s why Krochet Kids intl. has put together a Festival Collection so you can rock all the essential trends while representing our message of empowerment. If there is one thing we know about festivals it's that you have to be prepared! Stocking up on sunscreen, sunglasses, disposable cameras and extra tanks is going to require a bag that is durable, comfortable, and fashion saavy all at the same time. Something like the 'the Davey' or 'the Wynn' perhaps? Doesn't the sun seem to be a little brighter and a little hotter on festival grounds? We have variety of lightweight tees and tanks to defeat the beaming sunshine rays! Ladies, we even have several headbands to keep the boho chic festival style strong!
Planning on wearing KKi products at a festival this year? Remember to share your photos and tag #kkioutside on Instagram! - - - SHOP OUR ENTIRE FESTIVAL COLLECTION HERE - - - (or simply click on the specific products below) Festival Collection tank top Krochet Kids intl. davey-blk chloe-bosenberry_flat M-Love Tee-Union-Flat


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