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Setting A New Standard For Apparel

the Standard Tee Womens We have been making apparel for over 2 years at our empowerment project in Lima, Peru. Through this process we have come to understand - as well as appreciate - the complexities that exist within making even a basic t-shirt. Many steps and many people are involved in making quality apparel, and it is not something to take lightly. We developed this web page that gives you a window into this process at KK Peru. We live in a world where we view our clothing as dispensable. We rarely ever begin to think about how that item was made, or the person who skillfully stitched each seem. The global fashion industry has trained us to shop the latest trends, at the lowest price possible, period. We want to change this. By making the most basic t-shirt in the most necessary colors at an affordable price we are making a stand against trivial "fast fashion" by placing purpose back into closet.
3 things that make the 'Standard Tee' unique...
1) Classic colors. A basic black, white, and grey t-shirt... who doesn't need these staple items in their closet? Free of graphics, your impact can be understated, yet purposeful. 2) A superior fit, for everyone. With sizes from XS - XXL this shirt has the largest size range of any of our apparel offering. 3) It's $20. Sold exclusively online, this collection of t-shirts speaks to affordability without sacrificing social impact.
As with every item we sell, these t-shirts are individually hand-signed by the woman who made it. Join us and the growing community of people who believe it is important to know WHO makes your clothing. This is the #knowwhomadeit movement.
Standard Tee Heather Grey Women's Standard Tee White Mens


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