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KK intl. x Ugmonk


Behind Every Product Is A Person

At KK intl., we care deeply about showcasing the people behind each one of our products because we believe it’s important to acknowledge the connectedness between the clothing we wear and those who make it. Whether we realize it or not, our purchases directly impact the success of others around the globe. What -- or more importantly WHO -- are you supporting with your purchasing decisions? In our relentless pursuit for “more”, our purchasing has been reduced to 2 main ideas: 1) What is the least expensive option? and 2) What is the fastest possible way to get ahold of it? Not only is this mentality void of any conscientiousness for how those items are produced, but it also strips so much meaning from the process. We must realize that we can choose to own products that share a story and serve a greater purpose than simply fulfilling a functional need. We just launched a brand new collaboration with designer and entrepreneur Jeff Sheldon -- or as you may know him, Ugmonk. We have admired Jeff’s creative work for quite awhile, but what we love even more is his approach to business and design. He has taken an intentionality to everything he does and cares deeply about the process for how things are done. It is reflective in his work and his family-run business. The idea of #knowwhomadeit is as much about highlighting the people behind the products we wear as it is about the realization that our purchases help those people accomplish their dreams. With your purchase of our collaborative poster and t-shirts you are supporting the dreams of women globally and a passionate designer stateside. You are promoting empowerment and good design. You are letting your purchase communicate what you value and how you want to live your life.
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Three limited edition apparel & decor items for men and women that combine great design and the value of the person behind every product. When you #knowwhomadeit, your choices can empower people to accomplish their dreams. Each tee is hand-signed by the person who made it, and available only on our website.


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