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FALL 2015 Collection

fall 2015 fashion


With the beginning of a new season comes the excitement of new possibilities. Step into autumn embracing the change that comes with a season of turning leaves and fluctuating temperatures and cultivate each and every moment. Whether it’s exploring new places, actively engaging with others, living more intentionally, or purchasing with purpose, the steps to reach new horizons begins now. It's challenging to consider the intention behind everyday choices, but the power to make a positive impact comes from our ability to make choices that positively affect ourselves and those around us. Our Fall 2015 collection features all new apparel, headwear, and accessories. From unique colors and patterns to cozy silhouettes perfect for the season, we’re excited to introduce you to new favorites and fresh approaches to KK intl. essentials. Layer up with our latest accessories or long sleeve apparel to fully embrace the autumnal season. These latest pieces continue to showcase the abilities of our beneficiaries as they move towards their independent futures. Shop the collection and get equipped to start the season ready to cultivate change.
fall 2015 fashion fall 2015 fashion fall 2015 fashion


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