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Pop Rocks in Africa

There are some experiences that everyone can remember vividly...

Maybe you’d think of your first time riding a bike, or a first experience traveling alone. Many of us here at KK intl. HQ agree that an honorable mention among these timeless memories is the perplexing experience of trying Pop Rocks candy for the first time. Rain has finally come to Gulu, and with that comes cooler temperatures and the excitement of a new season. Production Assistant Intern Jessi received a care package from her parents last week, containing a generous amount of Pop Rocks. She and the other interns shared them with the women of KK Uganda, none of whom had ever tried this American classic. Needless to say, some slight discomfort and considerable laughs ensue. We hope this puts as big a smile on your face as it did ours. For more laughs and a window into the lives of our international interns, check out our intern blog.


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