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Introducing the Standard Tee

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A better basic.

Our goal has always been simple. Create the best apparel and accessories that generate the most impact for the producers who make them. We have wanted to make clothing that you would be proud to wear; clothing that carries profound significance, but doesn't shout to the world "look at me, I'm a world changer". We have wanted to flatten the prevailing archetypal thought that you need to be affluent to create meaningful impact with your purchases. Today, we are introducing the newest member to our apparel family - the 'Standard Tee'. Similar to all our apparel, it is 100% constructed at Krochet Kids Peru, and is creating necessary employment to vulnerable women in the area. However, it's also very different... no graphics, knit accents, or pockets will be found on this collection. The one subtle clue to the life-change being created by this shirt is the red stitching around the signature label on the outside of it. This is truly a t-shirt for your everyday use. It is available exclusively on our online store in 3 colors - White, Grey and Black. And did we mention it's only $20?
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