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Out of the Office, into the Compound

New Faces (2 of 2) Here are the names and web profiles of some of our newest beneficiaries in Uganda. Within the last 4 months these women have already made great strides. They are providing for their families, sending their children to school, and even starting new businesses. They are learning and planning for their futures. Thanks to the great leadership of our staff and encouragement from more experienced crocheters these ladies are realizing their great potential! Meet them below.. Apiyo Everlyn Apiyo Grace Apiyo Nighty Arach Stella Auma Concy Opira Auma Joyce Ayet Beatrice Ayot Filder Lajara Nighty Lakaraber Doreen Lakica Lucy Lakot Nighty Lalam Franka Layet Nancy Okullu Margaret Owachgiwu Sharon Piloya Jennifer Faida


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