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5 Steps to More Mindful Living

mindful living

A Quick Guide to Mindful Living

In a consumer culture that encourages us to purchase our way to the lifestyle we want, even a more mindful one, it can be difficult to differentiate between what truly makes us happy and what we feel like we need in order to be happy. We believe a more purposeful life can easily begin by cultivating a better relationship with the things you already have. The most conscious, ethical, and environmentally-friendly thing you can do is cherish your current possessions while rethinking how you allow new items to enter your life. We're excited to bring you a few simple ways to think about how you can be more mindful with what you own! 1. Surround yourself with things you love. As tempting as it is to toss everything to the curb and start from scratch with a thoughtful curation of clothes, accessories and home goods, what you would be doing in that process is creating more waste. Cherishing items that we love and doing what we can to repair and maintain their longevity is vitally important, and honestly counter-cultural in a society that says “just get a new one”. When you are constantly surrounded by things you truly love, you'll find yourself able to invest more time in experiences and what makes you truly happy. This is mindful living. 2. Make informed choices. Start by researching the brands you already love - even the ones touting a social good aspect to their brand. Look for information about their transparency into their supply chain, sustainability efforts, and whether they lead with impact. When the brand does have a give-back model, are their prioritizing their impact regardless of a sale taking place? Or does their "social good" only occur after a purchase has been made? When choosing an ethical alternative, seek out the brands that are sourcing environmentally materials, or employing underserved communities in the process. These are a positive examples of what it means to lead with impact. By consuming less, you are making your dollar even more valuable when you shop. 3. Find ethical alternatives. When you do need to shop, seek out the ethical alternatives to the products you rely on. From clothing to home goods, there are ethically-made options for just about everything. There are many great resources for locating these alternatives - online publication The Good Trade and the Done Good Co. online browser extension are just a couple of our favorite examples. Not sure if the ethical brand you're interested in aligns with your values? Get in contact with them and learn more about their brand. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions regarding their policies and procedures. By investing in thoughtfully made products, you can hold the brands that do not have a ethical and thoughtful approach accountable. 4. Support your local secondhand shop. Shopping at thrift stores has enormous environmental benefits. Purchasing products that have already been made and used eliminates waste and promotes a culture of recycling. Additionally, you can always find unique pieces no matter what you're looking for. Even when shopping secondhand, it's still important to ask yourself if an item you want to purchase is something you truly need. If you are needing to remove clutter from your home our closet, Amazon and Goodwill have teamed up to make it as easy as possible to donate your gently worn/used items to Goodwill. You don’t even have to leave your home with the Give Back Box! 5. Spread the word! Create a community of good when you involve your friends, family, and neighbors in your pursuit towards more mindful living. Whether it's a handy friend that can help repair an item you were considering throwing away or a group of local peers interesting in participating in a clothing swap, you can lean on one another to have an amplified positive impact. To lead a more conscious life is to be aware of the impact your personal footprint has on this earth and you do what you can to minimize that. Follow the steps above and you will will cherish the items that you own, you will seek out unique pieces when you purchase something new, and you will support great causes in the process! Mindful living can begin today - let us know in the comments how you plan on getting started!


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