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The Meaning of Love

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Thoughts on Love From Uganda & Peru

Love can have many meanings to different people, but one thing we can agree on is that love is something that we should share with our family, friends and even strangers in order to leave a positive mark on the world. Valentine’s Day is a great reminder that love is all around us, and it's up to us to cultivate it and show the ones we love our appreciation and admiration for them. We asked ladies in our programs in Uganda and Peru what love means to them, and we're very excited to share their heartfelt answers with you today! “Love is something that can unite strangers together, something that can turn a burning heart into laughter and smiles. Love is unconditional.” - AKELLO FLORENCE love quote “Love is beautiful; love is like giving a warm hug.”- CARMEN LUZ CERVANTES MEJIA love quote “Love is kind and does not segregate irrespective of color, and whatever part of the world one comes from.” - ANEK BEATRICE love quote “Love is to be humble and support other people. Love means to give and not expect anything in return.” - JUANA SANCHEZ love quote “Love means living in harmony and caring for each other during both good and bad times.” - LAKAREBER CATHERINE Lakareber_Catherine “Love is a beautiful thing. It means company, affection, and effort. I only move forward because of the love I feel for my children.” - DEBORA NUÑEZ Debora_Nunez Meet all of the women in our program and learn more about them on our Meet the Ladies page. Don't forget to tell us your definition of love in a comment below!


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