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The Power of Knowing Who Made Your Clothing

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A Story of Spreading Hope

Our goal is to connect people with the person who made their product. For the majority of supporters, this includes finding the signature of the lady who made their product, looking up her profile and leaving her a message of thanks. We review these notes written to the women at Krochet Kids intl. globally and are often amazed at the meaningful stories shared.For one supporter named Christina, this model had a profound impact on her when she needed it the most. Today, we’re sharing her story with you! Growing up in San Francisco gave Christina a heightened sense of adventure. During her second year of college, Christina traveled to South Africa for six weeks where she unexpectedly fell incredibly ill. She was rushed home only to endure vigorous testing, long hospitals stays, and tremendous pain. In the past three years, Christina has had 12 surgeries and her illness unfortunately remains undiagnosed. “I have always been drawn to Krochet Kids intl.’s mission but it wasn’t until 2013 when I went through an intense treatment very similar to chemotherapy. My body took a beating. I was in constant pain and so weak that I could barely open my eyes at times. The most significant thing about my treatment is that I lost all my hair. Not only did I feel sick, I looked sick and I no longer felt beautiful. I thought my bald head looked boring so I decided to accessorize. I basically went on a Krochet Kids shopping spree to keep my head fashionable and warm.” Christina first learned about Krochet Kids intl. when our founders visited and spoke at her college. After hearing about our mission, she purchased a tee and for the first time was able to connect with the person who made her product. This left a profound impact on her. When she was faced with the complications of her treatments and her hair loss, she chose to use her fashion as a way to empower others, and in turn empower and strengthen herself. When Christina discovered her close friend Marianna would be interning with us at KK Uganda, Christina was ecstatic. Christina wrote notes of encouragement for Marianna where she included photos of herself wearing KK intl. products as a reminder of the support Marianna had back home. Christina included the names of the ladies who made her products, hoping that Marianna would meet one of the makers of her products. Just a few weeks later, Christina had the incredible opportunity of meeting the one of the ladies who made her product face to face. “As I was waiting to be wheeled into my 9th surgery, Marianna texted me the picture of Eunice holding my picture. My heart was overwhelmed with joy from the fact that Eunice even knew who I was. I could not think of a better way to go into surgery! Marianna and Eunice had been friends prior to me sending my picture. So when Marianna realized that Eunice made one of my products, she knew she had to tell her immediately. Marianna said that Eunice was screaming and jumping and the other ladies gathered around to join the excitement. Marianna shared my health journey with Eunice and told her how I wore the product she made when I was bald.” Marianna connected Eunice and Christina via Skype where they were able to meet and speak to one another for the first time. “I kept telling Eunice how special she was to me and she said, ‘You are special to me too my sister! I pray for your health everyday!’ I can’t describe what I felt when I met Eunice because of how surreal the moment was, but I was so touched that someone who I’ve never met cared about me so much.” What started as a way to bring a sense of confidence back to her everyday routine became an incredibly impactful moment for Christina. Her favorite headwear products are symbols of hope and love; a love she experienced first hand by connecting with the lady who made one of her products. As much as she was rooting for ladies like Lamwaka Eunice, they were also rooting for her. This powerful connection shows that your clothing can be so much more than products you rely on every day, these products have stories, hopes, and dreams woven into them. Today, Christina continues to be an advocate for KK intl. She enjoys playing guitar and exploring her hometown of San Francisco.
ethical fashion ethical fashion A very special thank you to Christina for allowing us to share her story. Photos by Elizabeth Wong.


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