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Enter to Win!

We're always thrilled to further our mission by partnering with like-minded brands and organizations. Founded by activist and author Bob Goff, Love Does promotes human rights and education through a variety of programs in Uganda, India, Somalia, Iraq, and Nepal. Our friends at Love Does chose to use our Standard Tees to create shirts that share their message of hope. Each tee is made from 100% extra soft cotton at our empowerment project in Peru and is hand-signed by the lady who made it. You can learn more about our Standard Tees here! We're proud to partner with Love Does on this tee, and with every wear you can know you are not only empowering women in Uganda and Peru, but supporting Love Does' mission as well. That's what we call a win-win. Enter to win a Love Does tee of your own and a $50 KK intl. gift card below by subscribing to the KK intl. newsletter and the Love Does newsletter. Loves Does & KK intl. Giveaway!
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