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Now Available: World's Greatest Beanie

A New Value Proposition Has Arrived With a Sustainable + Eco-Friendly Beanie

Last year we took on one of our biggest projects to date: creating the World’s Greatest Beanie. This journey took us almost 15,000 feet into the Andes Mountains and back down to the Peruvian coast. We continued this journey on Kickstarter where our project exceeded our funding goal thanks to 803 backers, showing that we were not alone in our desire for products that are mindful of the planet and the people who create them. Both new and long-time supporters of our organization banded together to take a stand for a new approach to the clothing we wear and rely on. Today we are celebrating the success of this initiative by releasing the World's Greatest Beanie. The eco-friendly beanie joins our collection as a perennial staple that is truly the world's greatest. Not only is the World’s Greatest Beanie made from premium and sustainable baby alpaca fibers, but it also has a completely transparent supply chain, as we are introducing you to every person who was a part of the process for creating it. People matter. eco-friendly We are finally bringing you this incredible new ethically made and eco-friendly beanie. In addition to welcoming the World's Greatest Beanie to our collection, we created a special website for you to visit, see the journey from beginning to end, and learn why this product is truly the world's greatest. Check it out here!
eco-friendly beanie eco-friendly beanie eco-friendly beanie eco-friendly beanie


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