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What's it Worth? Name Your Price for the Next 24 Hours

What's it worth to know the story behind your products? For the third year in a row, we are inviting you to name your price on products from our collection. The goal is to begin to change the conversation and the consumer mindset away from the dangerous direction it continues to head in making us think single-mindedly about the purchasing the lowest price items without consideration for how they were produced. But we're not alone. We have invited others into this initiative for 2016 and we are extremely excited about the louder voice we will have collectively. Ethical brands 31 Bits, Nisolo, and Mercado Global are standing beside us in sharing this important message. Each of them, in their unique way, are impacting communities thoughtfully throughout the developing world and creating beautiful products in the process. We believe our voices are loudest when they are in unison and that includes YOU! We are asking you to consider what it's worth to know that your products were made ethically. And we're asking in your help for sharing about this in the next 24 hours. Visit the following link and let's do this!
* This campaign will run on online store from 9 am PT on 9/28/16 to 9 am PT on 09/29/16. *

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