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Limited Edition: WGB for Conscious Commerce


Something We Can All Agree On

It’s as important today as it ever has been… we must ban together to celebrate the things we share in common with our fellow humans and work to get to know people different from ourselves. At times, this mentality seems like it would be at odds with the simple interactions of our daily lives like purchasing a hat. We don’t think it has to be. Every product made here at KK intl. is hand-signed by the person who made it (as you most likely know). We see this as an invitation to learn about someone whose cultural context and background is very different than yours, yet whose interests in aspirations are extremely relatable. To take this concept to a wider audience, we have partnered with the incredible duo at Conscious Commerce to amplify this message. Olivia Wilde & Babs Burchfield founded the creative agency in order to increase engagement and awareness of socially minded efforts within the fashion industry. They have accomplished much in their relatively short tenure, working alongside brands like Anthropologie, Birchbox, Global Citizen Festival, and H&M (to name a few). Collectively, we decided to work together on highlighting a product that reinforced the values of Conscious Commerce in nearly every way. The World’s Greatest Beanie is now available in an exclusive colorway for a limited time. Shop this limited edition collaborative beanie while supplies last. This product truly celebrates the people behind it by highlighting the individuals who were a part of every step its creation. Moreover, the 100% baby alpaca yarn that is used is sustainably sourced and free of chemical dyes. This beanie is something you can truly be proud to wear.


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