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New Styles for Spring!

maxi dress

Introducing Our Spring Capsule Wardrobe

A new season calls for new opportunities to make an impact. As we transition into the next season, we see this as a chance to make change. It is time to do some serious spring cleaning and start fresh. It starts with redefining the clothes you wear and seeing them as an opportunity to make a difference. Transition into spring with our all-new Spring Capsule Collection, complete with mindfully made styles with purpose and the people in mind. Spring is officially here and it is time to embrace those warmer days with effortless styles + updated favorites, including our very first skirt, 'the Prescott’. This new line is comprised of versatile pieces and fresh takes on our best-sellers like 'the Sloan' and 'the Jack'. Our new standout essentials are designed for strolls in the sun while continuing to maintain the essence of empowerment. The clothing that you wear should reflect the values that you hold. We strongly stand behind this idea as one of our core values that is reflected through each product that is produced. Hand-signed by the lady who made it, each product is made mindfully from the best materials we could find in Peru. Every piece begins at our California HQ, before being knit, crotched or cut and sewn at our empowerment projects in Uganda and Peru by the women we employ as part of our program. Each lady not only is guaranteed consistent employment, but also receives mentorship and education in order to equip her with the tools and resources to rise above poverty, forever Start your spring season with products that invest into the future of others and continue to innovate with this season's capsule. UV8A6652 UV8A4603 UV8A6114 UV8A3445 (2)


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