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The Next Great Generation

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Planting the Seed

A friend told us a story recently about giving her child a Krochet Kids intl. product and it warmed our hearts so much that we had to share. The mom gave her young daughter a hat, showed her the signature on the inside, and together they visited the profile of the woman who made this hat on our website. The mom explained about where this woman lived and some of the challenging circumstances she experienced in growing up, but mostly they got to gaze at the maker’s beautiful smile and learn about her who she was. About a week later this same little girl received another clothing item as a gift. Unprompted, she immediately started looking inside the garment, searching to see who made this item. She expected to be able to learn more about the person who made this garment also, but the new garment said no more than Made in _________. We heard this and it got us dreaming of a beautiful future. One where people expect to know WHO made their product and look forward to learning another person’s story from a different part of the world. It’s wild to think, but as a society we have already made great strides to gain awareness into the impact of our purchases on the people who make them, but we are still at the tip of the spear. Imagine this next generation and the expectation -- and desire -- they will have to know more about the products they purchase. Imagine the businesses they will build that will uphold this philosophy of viewing people all around the world as our global neighbors. Think about the empathy we can begin to instill in them now. Our line of children’s product was developed to help YOU do exactly this. It’s more than a fashionable headwear item or stuffed animal. It’s a window into a different culture, a geography lesson, and an opportunity to connecting with someone else’s story. Shop our latest releases for children and continue to invest in the next great generation.
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