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Call for Submissions: Tell Us Your Story

krochet kids

We Want to Hear Your Krochet Kids intl. Story

Our website receives thank you notes from supporters to the lady who made their product every single day. Sometimes these thank you notes are short and sweet, but sometimes they tell incredible stories of endurance, friendship, and meaningful ways a single KK intl. product has affected another's life. These stories inspire us, and we want to hear yours. We are proud to be able to tell the stories of the ladies we work with and share them with you, and now we want you to share your KK intl. story with us. Has a Krochet Kids intl. product:
    • Helped you or a friend through a difficult time?
    • Sparked a shift in your purchasing decisions?
    • Inspired hope in your daily life?
    Send us your story, as well as any relevant photos, by emailing us at We're listening.


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