Global Citizen Festival

  • by Kohl Crecelius
Global Citizen

Celebrating the Global Citizen Festival

We are always inspired when people come together to achieve something great, and that's exactly what happens each year at the Global Citizen festival. Global Citizen is a social action platform for a global generation that wants to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Extreme poverty, poor education and healthcare, and water sanitation are just a few problems that they are trying to solve, and they rely on their partners and community to each bring their individual talents to the table in order to make the world a better place. It's more than just a music festival - it's one facet of their mission that is an annual celebration of efforts to alleviate extreme poverty across the globe. This year we were fortunate enough to team up with them to create exclusive tees and headwear. Hosts and attendees alike enjoyed the festival in their KK intl. tees featuring the Global Citizen logo, and we even created special tees for headliners Rihanna and Metallica! This festival was an amazing opportunity for us to partner with an organization committed to helping people all over the world and create unique products that support their mission as well as our own. Global Citizen 1 global citizen Global Citizen 3 global citizen

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