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Thanks For Saying Thanks

KK Peru's Thank You Ceremony

You purchased a product, found the signature of the lady who made it, and visited our website where you left her a thank you note on her profile. Now what? We are often asked what happens to the thank you notes left for the ladies in our program by supporters like you. Today we are incredibly excited to share a video from our Thank You Ceremony in Peru so you can experience this tradition first hand. We believe that behind each thank you is a powerful opportunity to encourage, support, and ultimately empower the women in our programs in Uganda and Peru. We decorated our empowerment project, gathered the Thank You notes, and prepared for an emotional, yet amazing day. The ceremony began with a few words from Patricia, our Country Director in Peru: "We started the ceremony with me explaining the importance of signing the products and what that really means: the connection that exists between the maker and the buyer with a simple signature label. But it doesn’t end there. The buyer actually has the opportunity to show their appreciation. Someone decided to purchase a product because they believe in what we do, held the product in their hands and read the name tag and then there was one of you. Then they decided to send a note to you to say how thankful they are for your life and your hard work. This only proves how important you are and the fact that there are people that believe in you and your potential to thrive. After that we called the ladies one by one as we read the notes that were wrote specifically to them. It was an emotional moment. Some of the words from those notes were potentially everything they needed to hear at the moment." -- Patricia, Country Director at KK Peru. Press play on the video above to experience it for yourself! You may even recognize the lady who made your treasured KK intl. product. Don't underestimate the power of gratitude - a simple 'thank you' reaffirms worth and provides a genuine connection between you and the lady who made your product. Don't pass on this opportunity to create something truly special.
{Video produced by our good friends at MO Studio with the support of our other friends, Yeah Field Trip.}
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