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Introducing a New Women's Collection

Your clothing is created to make you look good and feel good, but what if it could do even more than that? What if it could help a struggling mother send her children to school? What if it could bring access to clean water in communities that need it most? What if your clothing could give people the opportunity to rise out of poverty, forever? These clothes can. Introducing Curated: our newest collection exclusively made for women like you. The new line is comprised of elevated basics made from premium materials in exclusive silhouettes, each hand-signed by the lady who made it. Each product embraces understated elegance while celebrating empowerment and long-lasting impact. The best part? We believe the clothing we wear shouldn’t negatively impact people or our planet, and this new collection takes that core value to a new level. The Curated collection is truly the first of it’s kind. Made with purpose, it exists at the intersection of ethical manufacturing and innovative design while maintaining our ethos of empowerment. Each product is mindfully made from the best materials we could find in Peru. From quality cottons to baby alpaca, we’re incredibly excited to introduce you to this new perspective and bring you the elevated basics you can always rely on. Every piece is first concepted at our California HQ before being knit, crocheted, or cut and sewn at our empowerment projects in Uganda and Peru by the women we employ as part of our program. Each lady not only is guaranteed consistent employment, but also receives mentorship and education in order to equip her with the tools and resources to rise above poverty, forever. Invest in your wardrobe while investing in the future of others. Discover this new expression of style + empowerment now. elevated basics elevated basics elevated basics elevated basics


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