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Times Are Changing There is no question that the landscape of business is changing in our world. More and more companies are having to take a hard look at the impact they are having on the people and planet and make adjustments to their ethic. And this is where YOU pat yourselves on the back (go ahead, do it). We believe this is in large part due to the demands and expectations put on companies by us, their consumers. We expect better and companies that are in tune with this are making significant changes. However, we all can recognize that there is still more to be done. Appeasing the masses is one approach that many businesses are taking, but we are trying to elevate the conversation. A "cause marketing strategy" is a good step but it is far from truly, and critically, thinking through how we are going to make our world better and provide for the people within it. Krochet Kids intl. was founded with equal parts: create a great business, and love people to the fullest extent possible. One does not exist without the other. We put equal time into our sales and marketing objectives, as we do into our capacity development model on the ground. We desire to play a role in this movement creating real and meaningful impact with business and we hope you do to. Choose KKi and together we #CHOOSEPROGRESS.


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