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i2i Event @ KKi HQ

Next week is #CHOOSEPROGRESS and what better way to show progress than to open our doors and our minds to all of you! We are hosting a "i2i" event at the KKi HQ next Wednesday, October 17 at 7pm! The theme of the event, “Choose Progress: Practical Insights into Creating Great Products & Brands”. Charles Lee, the CEO of !deation will be moderating a conversation with two of our founders; Travis Hartanov and Stewart Ramsey. We have never done anything like this before, and Travis and Stewart are sure to shed some light on some of the incredible things we are working on! We are so excited to be giving people a real look into what Krochet Kids intl. is all about!! So join us next week for an evening of food, drink, and meaningful conversation! Get your tickets HERE Read more about the event and i2i HERE


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