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A View of Progress in Peru

Recently a some of our staff traveled to Peru to visit our KKPeru compound and meet our ladies. Our Art & Retail Director Stewart created a photo diary to share the experience and the progress we have seen in Peru:
Progress is Home Upgrades in Pacifico
In October 2011 Krochet Kids intl. spread it's wings and took our model for empowerment across the globe and landed in Lima, Peru. Just like in Uganda time was spent learning a lot about Peruvian culture and Spanish. Blake Goodfellow, our current Country Director, volunteered to move his wife along with their four small children to hire the first five women that would become Krochet Kids Peru. That small group began to grow month after month to its current status of 30 beneficiaries. Peru has offered KKi a host of new choices things like: locally sourced Alpaca, latino patterns, and colors for our products. Similarly, this new crew is also being offered a handful of new choices and opportunities because they are working at Krochet Kids intl. The program is still in its infant stages, but already the ability to have a consistent wage, encouraging work environment, and mentorship has helped change the realm of possibility for the women we employ. The most significant progress that has been made cannot fully be described in words . So please have a look at our photos and captions highlighting the progress a year can bring.
Progress is Selling Everything You Own and Moving to South America to Help People, Together
Progress is New Capabilities
Progress is Red Balloons
Progress is Providing Childcare While Mom Works


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