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Choices In A Time Of Crisis

This virus isn’t about being right

One of my biggest fears with this pandemic would be that it would follow the signs of our time — each of us choosing a side and wanting to prove a point as opposed to coming together. In our polarized world everyone is able to spin their idea of being right — of creating a sense of winning. An actual scenario I seeing play out is that some people take the responsibility to take precautionary measures (social distancing and the like) while others go about their life without precaution. Thanks to the initial group things may not be “as bad as they could be” and then both groups are left validating their sides. Those who did nothing saying, “See it wasn’t that bad”. Those who sacrificed say, “It wasn’t bad because of us”. And so the polarization continues. Let’s not choose sides. Let’s unite and err on the side of caution. Let’s choose to be courteous, human, and kind. -Kohl


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