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LEGACY // KK intl. Gets A National TV Commercial

How Did You First Learn About KK intl.?

In 2011, we got a call that would change the trajectory of our work in a significant way. A friend of mine had produced a short film that was to be used as an online content piece for, the Microsoft search engine. A three minute video was made and we thought that was the end of it. Then the call came. Bing wanted to shorten the video piece and air it as a commercial on national television. In true Krochet Kids intl. fashion, we said "Absolutely!" and then looked into what it would take to be prepared for an advertising campaign at a national level. Even then we were still completely inundated by the overwhelming response of people wanting to support our work after seeing this commercial. Our website crashed many times, we ran out of product, there were memes made about us, and it was an incredible time. Below you'll see two commercials. The first one did so well that they decided to re-shoot the spot and air it during an even more prominent time on primetime television, the launch of all the fall shows. To this day we still hear from people who first learned about our work by randomly seeing this commercial on tv. Needless to say, it was an incredible opportunity and we are forever grateful to have got to tell our story on such a major stage. -Kohl


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