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LEGACY // Starting Krochet Kids intl. in Peru

A Family Decision

A lot of people looked at Blake Goodfellow with blank stares when he told them that he and his family of six were selling nearly everything they owned and moving down to Peru for an unforeseeable number of years. They didn't speak any Spanish, and had only traveled there a couple of times, yet they wanted to provide a different experience for their children and they were passionate about the work of Krochet Kids intl. Blake had served on our Board of Advisors so he was aware of our interest to expand to South America. So they did it. Blake and his wife Sarah were responsible for establishing our local partnerships, finding locations for our facilities, and laying the foundation for our empowerment project in this new community. At that point we were about 4 years into our work in Uganda and we had a loose framework for our overall operations, but we knew working in a completely different cultural context would provide a wide array of unique challenges. Over the course of 5 years they established Krochet Kids Peru to what it is today. They introduced a cut & sew apparel program on top of the headwear production we started with and they saw the first group of women graduate from our programs. We are forever indebted to this family and endlessly inspired by their commitment to lifting other up around them. Below is a short video highlighting the launch of KK Peru, as told by Adam Thomson, VP of Impact. And if you want to see more of Blake and his family, watch a fun video from the past HERE.


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