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LEGACY // He Believed In Us When No One Else Did

Getting Started in Northern Uganda

Doesn't the title of this blog post sound like a sappy love song? It totally does, but it couldn't be more true at the same time. When we first set foot in Uganda, we knew the success of our work (especially in the earliest stages) would require local insight and knowledge if we were going to provide relevant programs to the people we were there to serve. We started by building a local board of advisors, many of whom worked at other organizations in the area. Idro Dominic was one of the first Ugandan leaders to listen to our concept and offer his support. He took a chance on a young group of college students who had (as he called it) "a crazy idea". As he mentioned in the video, the earliest days of our work was filled with doubts from the community (and even ourselves), but it was people like Dominic and the incredible women we worked with that helped us prove the concept. One of the things we have been extremely proud of about our work is that we have been able to empower local leadership to manage our program efforts on the ground. For nearly 4 years, Dominic has served as our Country Director for our work in Uganda. We are grateful for the ways we continues to lead our work into new frontiers. If you want to learn more about Dominic, there is an earlier video we produced about his story HERE.


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